Breadspikes Gourmet ecologicas whole wheat with sesame The Extranatural 150


Breadspikes Gourmet ecologicas whole wheat with sesame The Extranatural 150

Organic Farming EU
Organic Farming EU
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Breadspikes Gourmet ecologicas whole wheat with sesame The Extranatural

Ingredients: wheat Flour*, wheat flour*, sourdough natural (water and wheat flour*), sesame seeds*, fresh yeast,*, extra virgin olive oil* and sea salt, and water.
* All ingredients are eco-friendly
Contains gluten and sesame.
When testing for the first time, our Breadspikes Gourmet ecologicas whole wheat with sesame The Extranatural artisans and eco-friendly whole wheat with sesame seeds made with sourdough natural, you will discover a new dimension within the world of the Breadspikes. Format available in 150 g.
The day that evidence for the first time a Breadspikes of The Extranatural, make you discover a new dimension in this category of products.
From that time are the and Breadspikes of The Extranatural and all the others.
The Extranatural has reinvented the peaks and Breadspikes thanks to its handmade craftsmanship with mass natural mother, and the use of whole-grain flours and eco-friendly.
This combination of natural ingredients and good practices in its preparation, by respecting the times of fermentation, makes it a unique product for its taste, texture and nutritional value.
Because in The Extranatural we believe in Mindful Eating.
Our peaks and Breadspikes are the perfect complement to any meal or snack, or you can also take it alone, do not cast anything in lack.
The only problem is that they are addictive, you will not be able to take only one.
The Breadspikes Gourmet ecologicas whole wheat with sesame, The Extranatural, is a product that is simple and honest, like people, leaves an impression.
In The Extranatural we make our Breads are Organic artisan respecting the rest that we ask the Mother Dough, with ingredients of organic origin, whole-grain flours ecological and sea salt.
Our organic products are certified by the company Sohiscert (ECHO 002 W).
why integral?
The food made with flour of whole grains, has not only starch, but also proteins, fiber, fats, vitamins and minerals in a proper ratio that allows for optimal utilization of nutrients, better digestion and good bowel function.
The whole wheat bread provides between three and five times more vitamins than a white bread, because in the process of refinement that suffers from white flour, destroys and removes the husk of the grain, its germ, and the most fiber.
In this way the bread retains all its parties and its nutrients unlike a traditional bread made from refined white flour.
Also allows for the slower absorption of the sugars, favouring a satiety gradual without “spikes” (highs and sudden drops so dangerous for those with diabetes) by helping the metabolism.
why organic?
The intensive agriculture used countless pesticides and other chemicals that in many cases generate problems of allergy or sensitivity to a food.
The organic farming does not use chemicals or pesticides in the cultivation and in addition respects the natural cycle of the plant without collecting immature and preserved without chemical additives.

why craftsman?
Because we think that the work done by hand and small-scale have a special energy that is transmitted to the food.

why is Mass natural Mother?
The Mass Mother nature is a wild yeast that originated from the mixture of flour and water which creates the right conditions for capturing yeasts and bacteria (lactic and acéticas) present in the air and in the mixture of flour and water.
The use of Mother Dough makes our breads have an intense flavor, last for several days, be digested assimilated, involving a contribution of carbohydrate to our neurons, and in support of our intestinal flora.
In The Extranatural, we understand that each bread should have its Mass Mother.
this is why we work with three Masses Mothers different: wheat, spelt and rye.
From this we get bread 100% pure rye, spelt or wheat.
The Extranatural is a company born with the mission to serve with the food.
Is the result of three generations dedicated to making a quality bread adapted to the needs of our customers.
We are lovers of good bread and food prepared with patience and good work.
The Extranatural is located in Brenes, Seville, and intends to be a reference of the handmade bakery, organic and gluten-free, and at the same time a place where our customers can taste our products in a pleasant environment and friendly atmosphere.
in Addition to our Bakery, we make our products in two Bakeries: one where we make the breads, peaks, Breadspikes green, and the other where we prepare the breads and pastries without gluten.
this way we avoid any risk of contamination by trace amounts of gluten.

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