Cellar Heredad Segura Viudas
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Building one of the most award-winning brands in national and international tastings is not a matter of luck or haste. As in the vineyard, it is the result of a baggage of respect, innovation and improvement that we are particularly proud of.

When in 1954 Segura Viudas collected the witness of the lands that make up the inheritance today, we already knew the centuries-old agricultural tradition that had been given in them and some references of the vestiges that hid their walls. We were also aware of the value that a privileged location like that could transmit to cavas and wines.
50 years later, we remain faithful to this founding vision: a vision guided by coherence and respect for the earth, landscape and history, which integrates the most advanced scientific knowledge within a sustainable conception of the environment.
Only in this way do we understand that we can make cavas and wines in harmony with the Heritage.

Ancient History

The origins of the Heredad Segura Viudas must look back in the XI century, in full Reconquest.
The most accepted hypothesis today guides us towards the belonging of these lands to the Monastery of Sant Cugat. At that time, an assignment of land from the Abbot to Gerald Alemany is documented in order to build a defense tower that would secure the position achieved in the battle, the Galimany Tower. When hostilities ended in these latitudes in the 12th century, agricultural uses began to take precedence.
The mass we observe today is the cumulative result of the different uses it has had over more than ten centuries and it is worth a careful look that interprets what comes to our gaze.
Preservation of biodiversity

Producing cavas and wines in harmony would not make sense without a determined commitment to know, catalog and promote the biological diversity of the Heritage. In this regard, we have been conducting an in-depth study of the biodiversity of an ecosystem that has developed over centuries of vine cultivation around the Bitlles River.

But just by studying we don't have enough. We want to promote all this knowledge by bringing the enoturists closer to this natural wealth. The birds that visit us in winter, the flowers that decorate the vineyard in spring, the medicinal uses of the wild vegetation or the fish that inhabit the river are some of the examples that we make available to our visitors because we understand that without knowing our heritage we cannot value cavas and wines in harmony.
Sustainable viticulture

From our determination for biodiversity stems the concern for sustainability in the cultivation of the vineyard. The relationships that are established between the different forest areas of the estate are many and the actions that are carried out in the Vineyard have direct influence on the whole place.

In this regard, for example, since 2010 we have been using winter pruning wood for the generation of biomass, with an energy value equivalent to the annual consumption of diesel oil for land heating. On the other hand, we fight the plague of cluster moth (Botrana Lobesia) with strategies of sexual confusion.

It is the innovative spirit that brings us closer to a harmonious future. Innovation is the engine that moves us and the challenge that pushes the field toward a wine culture where the care of the vine goes far beyond its goal of productive and do not save efforts to integrate in each bottle to the works of traditional culture, the landscape, the flora and fauna that have shaped our history and that, in the end, are also responsible for the excellence of our products.

It is therefore time to continue to delve into the attributes that we can incorporate to our wines and cavas when we become aware of the characteristics of the landscape, of the uses of the herbs that border our fields and paths, of the birds that accompany the winemaker while working the lands or of the fauna that visits us on harvest nights.
A diverse combination of attributes that distinguish our wines with a unique personality and, at the same time, perpetuate in time the legacy we have inherited and project it to a future in harmony. This is our wish, this is our choice.

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