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Wineries Care
Located in the heart of the designation of Origin Carignena, one of the historical and emerging areas of the National viticulture, Bodegas Care was born as an exclusive, advanced and committed business project.
Care, is the brand of Bodegas Care, is the ancient name used by the Romans to refer to the city of Cariñena, and then evolved to Caraellana, "the beloved Plain". An etymology that refers to the origin, the attachment to the Earth and the love for the native.
At the same time, in the Anglo-Saxon world the term appeals to the care, respect and mime that we print in the elaboration of all our broths.
Oriented from tradition to a new consumer, our brand image is determined by faces, original works of the artist Enrique Torrijos.
A syncretist artistic image of primitive inspiration, and a term, CARE, care, universally identifiable, merge concepts into unique and innovative wines.
Bodegas Care and the elaboration of our wines was conceived as an integral and novel project in which each and every one of the elements are painstakingly contrasted.
From the selection of the vineyard, where the quality of the grapes is unique and exclusive, to the infrastructure of the different areas of Production, control and ageing.
Our Bodegas Care business project responds to a fusion criterion between the tradition of one of Spain's most deeply rooted oenological regions and respect for Vine and orientation towards new lifestyles.

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