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Bodegas Martinez Lacuesta
In the booklets of the customers of the end of the NINETEENTH century, Bodegas Martinez Lacuesta already specified the origin of their wines: Rioja.
The denomination will not become official until 1926 and will be partly thanks to the founder of the winery, Félix Martínez Lacuesta.
The anecdote describes our spirit, traditional and living.
Rioja, before Rioja existed.
Denomination of origin La Rioja :
Bodegas Martinez Lacuesta was born in 1895 in Haro, with exclusively jarrero capital, founded by Félix Martínez Lacuesta (Haro, 1873-1922).
Bodeguero, lawyer, politician and publicist, was the first president of the National Association of winegrowers and wine industries, as well as the Wine Union of La Rioja, and one of the precursors of the Regulatory Council of La Rioja, representing Winegrowers.
Development process
Since 1985, Martínez Lacuesta has known two changes of the century knowing how to adapt his work to the New Times and accumulating the wisdom that the years give.
Today, this wisdom is put in

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