Gran Duque de Alba
A range of Jerez Gran Reserva Brandies born of centuries old soleras, under the name of Grand Duke of Alba, historical figure symbol of courage, honor and loyalty

Grand Duke of Alba, the revelation of the senses

To enjoy one of the brandies Grand Duke of Alba is to participate in history, to taste excellence, to discover the true meaning of aromas, to give oneself to the pleasure of sharing…

Brandy Gran Duque de Alba is spirit of wine. Its raw material is the result of the distillation of good and balanced wines, and its aging process is the same as that of Sherry wines. A complex "dynamic" system, called "criaderas" and "soleras", exclusive to the area.

In essence it is a stock of boots divided into scales, each of which consists of an approximately equal number of vessels (“boots” in Sherry). The first of these scales is the solera, which contains the brandy Gran Duque de Alba more aged, followed by order of seniority the first criadera and the second criadera, and so forth Of the solera is extracted -the same amount of each of the boots and not more than one-third of the total content – the brandy bottle, an operation that is called "saca". The brandy extracted from the solera is replenished with the same amount of the first breeder and this with that of the second breeder, and to itself successively. It's what's known as"dew." This ensures that the consumer always enjoys a brandy Grand Duke of Alba with the same taste, aroma and smell, and with the same quality. This is the result of the homogenization that is achieved with this system unlike the “static” system of vintages with which wines of the same brand vary in quality according to the harvest.

The importance of the wood is fundamental in the process of aging of the brandies Gran Duque de Alba. Not only because they are American oak boots-whose porosity and ability to sell is the most appropriate – but, above all, because they have previously contained some of our extraordinary Sherry wines.

Depending on the wine they have raised, they will provide the Brandy with unique characteristics and nuances: the smelling ‘Dry Sack 15 years’ for GDA, the Pedro Ximénez ‘Don Guido’ for GDA XO and the cut ‘two slices’ for Gda Oro. Williams & Humbert brands that have been awarded internationally with an old age, in the case of the last two of more than 20 years certified by the Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Regulatory Board.

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