Lino Moreno Conservas, open since 1940, is characterized by the quality of its preserves, which produce and produce artisanal and natural , giving them a unique taste.

At present it also has the label 'handicrafts of La Rioja', granted by the government of the community and which recognizes the trajectory and philosophy of work of this prestigious firm.

Our history begins in the 1940s, when the Moreno brothers founded the factory with the intention of conserving the aromas and flavors of the products of our land.

At that time we packed the best quality vegetables from the orchards of Quel and its surroundings (La Rioja), handcrafted, spirit that has been maintained throughout our history and is our sign of identity in the present and for the future.

In the 1950s, he took over the Lino Moreno Soldevilla company, to which we owe our name, synonymous today with quality. Linen knowing the variety of exquisite recipes that were tasted in our land begins the journey of preparing them in preserved, our exquisite dishes prepared.

Today we continue to maintain the tradition and quality of the time with the technology of the future.

Lino Moreno….and enjoy!!.

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