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Oil Mill Alfonso
Alfonso Mill oils, produces excellent extra virgin olive oils from the lower Aragon

Founded in 1907, Molino Alfonso has been producing the best olive oil of the centuries-old olive trees in the region of Belchite, in the province of Zaragoza for over a hundred years.
Dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of extra virgin olive oil with designation of Origin under Aragon

In 1907, Julián Alfonso Pradas settled in Belchite willing to create an olive oil mill from the lower Aragon.

Thus begin 100 years of history and the birth of a family tradition that has passed from parents to children for four generations.

Over the last 100 years, the Alfonso Mill has evolved and adapted to the constant technological advances.

The whole process has been modernized, from olive harvesting and processing, to oil packaging and sale.

What has remained impermeable over time is the spirit of always obtaining a quality product.

Past and future with a common element, the extra virgin olive oil from the Alfonso del Bajo Aragón Mill

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