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Conservas Juker
Conservas Juker was born with the experience of its predecessor, Conservas adoration, two generations united by a firm belief in quality food. Modernity and tradition combine perfectly in this young company, born in Pradejón (La Rioja) and determined to offer the flavor of the day in an innovative format.

What do we do?

Get to know the five Juker families and enjoy the best products of Spanish cuisine, selected and prepared by hand. We invite you to visit the catalogue of cooked, legumes, jams, sauces and vegetables available. A careful selection of the best products of today and always.

How do we do it?

Our seal of identity is the careful manual elaboration of our preserves, cooked with fresh and natural products, without preservatives or added colorants and giving all our dishes a taste faithful to that of traditional home cooking. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality without losing the original essence.

Conservas Juker collects the witness, conserving traditional and artisan art in all its elaborations. Starting from a fresh product of the highest quality, with the best fruits of our riojana orchard and neighboring navarra, we produce a privileged preserved without additives or preservatives, with a select taste aimed at the most demanding palates.

In our catalogue, we care carefully for those dishes that, not being of our land, follow the guidelines marked in their place of origin. Based on traditional homemade recipes, we provide our products with the degree of innovation that makes the difference in Juker preserves.

Nuestra puntuación en a Trustprofile Opiniones es 9.5/10 basado en 282 opiniones.