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Hacienda Iber
Hacienda Iber is the commercial name of an agro-industrial development focused on obtaining and marketing extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

Our commitment began in the final years of the last century, beginning the processes of transformation into irrigation of our Finca Llosa. The development, based on the latest existing drip irrigation and plantation control technologies through computer systems and radio transmission, has led to comprehensive care of our raw material. At the end of 2004, in the most privileged enclave of the farm, our mill was built with the most modern technology for the production of quality oils.

Selected raw material and careful processing have made Iber Hacienda oils a guarantee of quality for the requirements of an increasingly cultivated market in gourmet products.

After a first production in October-November 2005 by the master oleari Giorgi Franci, the current product range was defined.

OIL of Hacienda Iber

It is a mill in which quality aspects have taken precedence over quantity aspects. In this way our production process, led by the Italian oleari Master Giorgio Franci, can be summarized in the following highlights:

* Maximum time from tree harvest to milling: 3 hours.
* Final washing of the olive by shower with clean water and then drying by Cyclone.
* Grinding at different speeds according to the type of oil to be obtained, degree of itching, etc.
* Smoothed in airtight equipment at temperatures between 23 and 25 degrees to keep the most favorable organoleptic characteristics to the maximum.
* Horizontal centrifuge with subsequent output to Florentine decanters in stainless steel and with automatic purging systems.
* Vertical centrifuge alternative, without any water supply.
* Storage in cellar with controlled temperature and stainless steel tanks with continuous nitrogen stabilization system.

This production process is linked to each game according to its own characteristics, which allows us to obtain very special oils and with a great personality of our own.

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