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Aceites Soler Romero is a family business with an extensive olive tree tradition. We produce, pack and distribute extra organic virgin olive oil, processing only the olive grown in our farm, located in Alcaudete, Jaén.

Our family remains actively involved in all operations from cultivation to marketing. We are one of the few organic olive farms with full traceability in Spain: SOLER ROMERO extra-organic virgin olive oil is made exclusively with olives from our Olive Grove, Olives are processed in our mill and packaging is also done in our facilities.

The farm, called Cortijo El Tobazo, has belonged to our family since 1850 and there are already 6 generations who have taken care of its exploitation. The first plot was purchased by the matriarch of the Doña Casilda family in the mid-19th century. She allowed herders to graze on her land. In return, the Shepherds had to plant olive trees. Almost all of our olive trees are centuries old and most of them were planted by those shepherds almost 200 years ago.

The total extension of the olive grove, over 600 hectares, is cultivated exclusively under organic farming techniques, making us one of the largest organic olive oil producers in Spain

Soler Romero produces extra organic virgin olive oil, as well as other organic foods.


Our farm, Cortijo el Tobazo, is located in Alcaudete, in the province of Jaén, the largest production area of virgin olive oil in the world(around 25% of the world's olive oil production is produced in Jaén). The olive trees have been cultivated in Andalusia for more than 6000 years and the region provides the perfect climate to nourish the fruit of radiant sun, rainwater and cold during the winter.

Our farm therefore enjoys a privileged position that gives our olive grove the ideal environment for the practice of organic farming and for the production of the highest quality. The fact that our olive trees have an average height of 600 meters above sea level and large thermal oscillations between winter and summer, allows a natural disinfection of our olive trees, which remain safe from pests and diseases without the use of chemicals.

The total extent of our farm belongs mostly to a single large plot. The situation of the mill in the center of the olive tree allows the harvested olive to be ground within a maximum of three hours, thus limiting oxidation and completely preserving the natural antioxidants and the taste.

In El Tobazo farm, it is cultivated exclusively under organic farming techniques, with the certifications indicated for the European Union, the United States, Japan and China.

In the past we were part of a cooperative, which made olive oil, grinding our olives together with those of 1400 other members.

Aware of the limits of mass production, in 2001 we decided to leave the cooperative, to bet on our own production and to build a mill, conveniently located in the center of the olive grove, and next to the centenary Family Farm. A mill that only processes olives grown on our farm. In this way, in Soler Romero we control the quality throughout the process, not only in cultivation but also in the collection, processing, packaging and marketing.

Since then, our goal is to make the best extra virgin olive oil, and to do so using environmentally friendly techniques.

We knew how difficult it is to find quality olive oil in the shops, especially outside, and we knew that we could make one of the best ecological oils in the world. We have the passion for olive oil passed down from generation to generation and our farm enjoys the situation and the ideal size. It is limited enough to be able to control the quality and practice organic farming throughout the olive grove, and large enough to achieve a considerable production capacity, suitable for efficient and professional distribution. Once we have found the right partners to distribute our entire production, we will have achieved our dream, and perhaps we will start drawing a new one, certainly related to quality, environment and health.

After using sustainable farming practices for more than 30 years, in 2002 we obtained the CAAE certificate that controls and certifies our cultivation and production systems in accordance with European organic farming regulations (EU directive 834/2007). Subsequently, we were the first Spanish mill to obtain, in 2003, the USDA Organic Certification. Japanese ecological certification JAS also supports our production. And finally, since the 2010-2011 campaign our ecological oil is certified by China, becoming the first Spanish organic olive oil with this certification.

Our customers, who rely on the high quality of our olive oil, began to demand other Spanish organic products of the highest quality to complement our oil. Thus, we are carefully selecting high-quality products such as vinegar, seasoned olives, olive Pate, preserved dried tomatoes in oil and jams, all of which are organic.

Soler Romero in Spain in the province of Jaen.


Our process and our oils are always in constant evolution. The entire team, led by the agronomist owners and engineers, Enrique and Manuel de Juan, and the head of almazara, Francisco Vázquez, are involved in every detail to achieve perfection in cultivation, processing and packaging.


The Soler Romero family thoroughly controls each phase of the process: cultivation, harvesting, grinding, cellar and packaging. We are one of the few organic olive farms with full traceability. We never bought oil or olives from other farmers. Each batch allows to know the traceability of each bottle, until reaching the parcel from which the olive comes, date of collection, milling, analytical and organoleptic tasting.

Since we only distribute oil made in our oil mill from our Olives, the available quantities of this exceptional oil are limited. However, we are proud to be one of the largest organic olive oil producers in Spain.


In Soler Romero the campaign starts around the 25 of October and ended in mid-November. Picking olives soon guarantees maximum quality and maximum aroma. Our olives are harvested while they are green (changing to purple), sacrificing quantity of oil by quality. The olives harvested later (between December and February), as is the custom of most of the oils marketed, have higher yield of oil, but of inferior quality.

The olives remain in the state of maturity that we require only a few days, so they must be harvested as soon as possible. The harvest is always done by the same people year after year, combining mechanical vibrators that do not damage the tree, and manual varnish.


A characteristic and unrivalled feature of our production process. At Soler Romero we strive to move the olives from the tree to the mill in the shortest possible time, always less than three hours, to avoid oxidation and to preserve as much as possible its positive attributes. We can do this because of the situation of the mill in the center of the olive grove, all the trees are within walking distance from the mill. The olives are ground as soon as they reach the mill. We only collect olives that can be ground in the day.


The mill has been designed incorporating the latest technologies to obtain the highest quality and best aroma of our olive oil, 100% natural olive juice. The oil is extracted cold and subjected to natural static decantation in inert atmosphere. Once analyzed and tasted, the oil passes to the winery, where it is kept in stainless steel tanks in in inert nitrogen atmosphere until bottled.

Packaging is carried out exclusively on request. The introduction of nitrogen at the time of packaging eliminates any oxygen space between the oil and the stopper. In this way, its aroma, taste and content in natural antioxidants remain unchanged until the packaging reaches the consumer's hands. Each day, after the elaboration of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we proceed to the comprehensive cleanup of the entire mill which is in perfect condition for the processing of the fruit of the next day, eliminating any possibility of mixing with the remains of olives from previous days.


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