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Buy organic Honey online . Organic Honey

Honey Organic raw

it Is an ecological raw honey and pure, without blending or pasteurizing, filtering in thick so as not to lose the properties and benefits of organic honey produced by bees to native.
The honeys green are made from the nectar of flowers, sap and pollen of different plants in natural areas .
Only with a beekeeping local and sustainable we can preserve our ecosystem and ensure you have a honey of intense flavor and natural.

why raw?
The ecological raw honey should not be subjected to heat treatment or filtration, during the process of extraction and conditioning, which allows you to keep all the wealth and the aggregate value of the particles that may accompany the honey (pollen and propolis).
Must be raw, without any treatment, and is a common feature of his purity that with time, they tend to congeal.

why buy Organic honey online ?

For the production of organic honey, the handling of the hives must be completely natural and be certified by a body to prove it.
The bees indigenous should not be fed sugar as is normally done in the production of honey conventional.

The treatment of the hives should be performed with substances existing in nature and all apiaries should be in areas natural and free of contamination, in most cases these spaces are protected and are a great biodiversity.
The producer of organic honey must be credited by the committee of Ecological Agriculture of the autonomous community to which it belongs.
1) The apiary must be located in a totally natural environment and pollution free, in most cases these protected areas, and of a great biodiversity, much higher than other environments bee. This would be the big difference with the beekeeping conventional.

2) The feed with honey from own bees, if required, should be made with your own honey, and never using sugars such as glucose or fructose.

3) The chemicals or drugs of chemical synthesis such as insecticides or antibiotics are prohibited, as are transmitted to the honey and eat the human.
The treatments (cures preventive) in the apiaries organic must be based on all-natural treatments with products existing in the nature, mainly oxalic acid (present in the roots of many plants), thymol (present in the essential oils of thyme and oregano) and formic acid (ants secrete this acid)

4) The hive (the home of the bees) is made with natural products and can not be painted with oil derivatives, since these components are harmful to the bees

5) the Whole process of removing the organic honey is done at room temperature, and at the same temperature have the hive, and must be collected by decantation.
The honey will never be at temperatures above 45 ° C, as this will result in the elimination or reduction of the enzymes that bring the bees to the honey , which are the main responsible of the antibiotic properties of honey.

Each honey is unique, as each landscape is unique and unrepeatable.

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