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Conservas la Brújula
Conservas la Brújula, the most prestigious signature of gourmet seafood preserves
Authentic "Jewels “extracted from the sea that are” time capsules" intended to preserve the freshness of the product to enjoy it at any time.
Small gastronomic” luxuries " rich in nutrients and ideal for maintaining a healthy diet.La Brújula began in 1999.
A project that was born from the enthusiasm of a business group, Grupo Delgado, linked to the conservation sector since 1997.
We had the illusion, the commitment and the passion to start a business that we wanted to mark a momentous change in how to make cons.
Despite the uncertainty of approaching a project of this magnitude, we always kept in mind a symbol that guided us in this new adventure: La Brújula.
An emblem with which to guide and face this objective with the greatest guarantees of success.
La Brújula selects the best raw material from the Galician and Cantabrian rivers.
It only buys field and auction products, does not use preservatives, dyes, or bleach, and maintains strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process.ervas.
It was a dream, and at the same time, a difficult challenge that we were sure to undertake.
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