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Industrias Alimentarias Sufli

The preserves were devised at the beginning of the 19th century when Napoleon's forces faced a great shortage of food. In 1800, Napoleon Bonaparte offered a reward of 12,000 francs to anyone who could devise a practical method of conserving food that could be consumed by the army by mobilizing; it is said that he himself stated that”an army marches at the rate of its stomach". After years of experimentation, Nilocas Appert presented his invention, which consisted of preserving food sealed in glass jars that were later boiled, and thus won the reward in 1810. The following year, Applert published LArt de conserver les substances animales et végétales (The Art of conserving animal and vegetable substances), which was the first such cookbook on modern methods of food conservation. Also in 1810, the Englishman Peter Durand applied the Appert processes using different containers of glass, ceramics, tin or other metals and obtained the first patent for making preserves from King George III. This can be considered the origin of modern preserves.

The history of Food Industries Sufli

Industrias Alimenticias Suflí was born in 1985 in the region of Alto Almanzora (Almería), in the village of Suflí.

This company and its founders (Antonio Serrano and Mª del Pilar Jiménez) decide to put in value and to make known the artisanal preserves that for so many years the people of the place had made for their consumption with the vegetables that they cultivated on the banks of the river Almanzora, watered by its waters under the summer sun.

Combining efforts, with newly built facilities and the indispensable labor force of the women and men of the region, they embarked on this adventure of manufacturing, marketing and making known the “fried Soufflí” in an organized way but with the same precept of elaboration that their own workers had carried in their homes for several generations.

TRADITION of ARTISAN Food Industries Sufli

Our first objective, and the philosophy of this company, has always been to make with vegetables and fruits of the Earth in a totally artisan way following the traditional ways of our parents and grandparents. The vegetables are still from our land, the machines used have heart and the peppers, tomatoes, onions, eggplants, etc.are roasted, cooked and packaged by hand. We use the” bath Mary " to preserve our products without the ingredients losing quality and taste and, most importantly, without any additives, only the rich vegetables. There are no preservatives, no dyes, no acidulants, nothing. This allows us to offer a 100% natural product, as it is only vegetable or fruit, and artisan for its way of making. After 30 years and the support of our most emblematic product, "La Fritada De Soufflí", we manufacture a wide range of equally artisanal and natural preserves, as well as some homemade jams worth tasting.

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