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Conservas Areoso, born with the idea of creating a product of the highest quality, and that is what has been achieved.
Conrad illón, clam, cockle, razor, zamburiña and minnow Preserves the sandy soil are products (purified in the first place) of first quality, with origin in the Galician Estuaries, so that our products gain a full confidence.

In addition, the ingredients used in the different areas that accompany the product are of first quality and natural origin.

Our preserves do not present at any time or artificial colouring.

Because of all this and because the work that is done is done in an artisanal way, counting on a highly qualified personnel who pamper the product and allow it to reach your hands in optimal conditions.

Our preserves are considered delicatesen, being high quality products.


High quality products are obeyed because in addition to using the best ingredients we perform all the necessary controls so that the product is in perfect condition and fit for human consumption, thus giving quality assurance for our customers.

Within your concern for the quality and warranty of their products, the management of the GROUP VENGARCO, has provided certificate to PRESERVES the sandy soil IN the Standard ISO-22000.

This project is now a reality since, in September 2013, it signed the ISO-22000 certification.

This certification is a sign of the company's involvement in the food safety and high quality of its products.

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